Apr 24, 2013

segmen kenalkan diri - CIK i l y

1. Real name: Nadratul Syazwana bt Tohari
2. Nickname: Nad
3. Starsign and Age: Gemini, 19y/o :)
4. Male or Female: F

5. Facebook: Nadratul Syazwana
6. Website: http://nad-lifeisfun.blogspot.com/
7. Twitter: @NadratulSyaz
8. Other-

9. Hair color: Gelap Lol
10. Long or short: Medium

11. Loud or Quiet: Q
12. Sweats or Jeans: Skirt!
13. Phone or camera: Ofc lah phone :) Love my bb even ramai taksuka dia -|-
14. Health Freak: .
15. Drink or smoke: NO.

16. Do you have a crush on someone: Crush? No. I got a bf alr

17. Eat or drink: Both lerr
18. Piercings: Yes
19. Tattoos: N O

Have You EverBeen in a relationship: Yaaaaa
Quarrel with someone u like: Almost everyday!
Been in a car accident: Alhamdulillah tidak.

Been in a fist fight: -.-
First Piercing: Time babyyyy

Best Friend(s): THEM!

Award(s): Lazy to recall

CrushThis question again?

Vacation: Paris :')

Last Person you talked to: Ibu!
Person you texted to: My boyf :)
Person(s) you watched movie with: Kawan sekerja, Hihi

Food you ate: Bread
Drink you drank: Im stressed

Movie you watched: Ironman 3 this weekend!

Song listened to: When I was your man by Bruno Mars

Thing(s) you bought: Nothing

Person you hugged: Most person I found [Girlsss]

Favourite Food: Desserts <3
Drinks: All kind of drinks

Have you ever Kissed in the snow: I wish!
Celebrated Halloween: No no no
Had your heart broken: Yes
Went over the limits on your cell phone: Most of the times
Came out of the closet: I dont think so

Gotten pregnant: No
Had an abortion: No

Done something you've regretted: Banyak sgt dah. Rasa macam nak putar balik masa
Broke a promise: YES
Hide a secret: Ofc, you can trust me yahh
Pretended to be happy: Yeap
Met someone who changed your life: Had I?
Pretended to be sick: Never
Left the country: No :(

Tried something you normally wouldn't try: I want want want
Cried over the silliest thing: Hahaha yaa, its just way too funnyyy
Ran a mile: At Fitness First, yeahh
Went to the beach with your best friend(s): Yes, on my first sem at Batu Ferringhi

Stay single the whole year: No

Currently Eating: Im starving right now
Drinking: no
Listening to: When i was your man

Waiting for: Tomorrow!!

Your future

Want kids: 5 ;p
Want to get married: Yesss
Careers in mind: Engineers to be :)

Which of it is better for boys/girls?

Lips or eye: Eyes
Shorter or taller: Tall
Romantic or spontaneous: Both LOL
Nice stomach or nice arm: Six pack pleaseee
Sensitive or loud: I hate sensitive people
Single or relationship: In a relation
Noisy or quiet: Can be both

Have you ever Lost lasses/contacts: Ya
Ran aways from home: Pernah plan time kekecik dulu Hahaha
Hold a gun or knife for self defense: Nope
Broke someone's heart: Alot
Been arrested: No
Cried when you lost someone: Most of the times

Do you believe in

Yourself: Always try to
Miracles: Allah's miracle
Love at first sight: Mestilah
Heaven: Yes
Santa Claus: No
Things last forever: -

Is there one person you want to be with right now: Yes, him
Is there a person you make a promise with now: I dont think so
Is there a person that you can't forget now: Who?
Is there something you really want to do now: Makannn
Is there something you really wish to have it now: Nak tab :3
Is there something you wanted to say to someone now: Yes, and it is a secret of mine'

Done cik Ily!

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